The Bucket List

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Walk like an Egyptian at the pyramids

Go on a safari in AfricaWalk on a glacier in Patagonia

Soak in the Blue Lagoon hot springs in Iceland

Get soaking wet at the Iguazu Falls

Take a French cooking class in Paris

Walk with lions in Mauritius

Admire the city lights of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Malbec taste in Mendoza

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Walk like an Egyptian at the pyramids

See the lavender fields of Provence

Stay in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti

Hike the Napili Coast of Kauai

Cruise the Greek isles

Eat, Pray, Love in Bali

Go to the Olympics

in the Maldives

Sandboard in Dubai

Pool party in Vegas

Play with elephants in Chang Mai, Thailand

Sunbathe on the beaches of Australia

See a Broadway musical in NYC

Learn to tango in Buenos Aires

Channel my inner Indiana Jones in Petra

Eat breakfast with giraffes in Keny

Hike the 5 towns of Cinque Terre

Trek across the Great Wall of China

Soak up the sun in the French Riviera

Watch the sun o down in an infinity pool in Santorini

See Sydney by sea

Spend a vacation day at “the Office” in Cabo San Lucas

Stay at the Atlantis Paradise Island

Taste Champagne in Champagne, France

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

Hammock the giant redwoods in California

Shop til I drop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Experience “El Clasico” in Spain

Spend a summer weekend in the Hamptons

Yacht around Italy

Take in the unparalleled history at the British Museum in London

Soak in the beauty of Lagos, Portugal

Ride a camel in Morocco #humpday

Go on a safari in Africa

See just how nice Nice is

Experience the luxe life in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Eat a belgian waffle in Belgium

Float in the Dead Sea

Bar hop in Lan Kwai Fong

Eat filet mignon in the middle of the Eiffel Tower

Stand on heaven on earth in the salt lands of Bolivia

Zorb in New Zealand

Hike Machu Picchu

Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat

Drink giant beers in Germany

Cave dive in Tulum, Mexico

Partake in the Tomatina Festival in Valencia, Spain

See the Northern Lights

Live la dolce vita on the Amalfi Coast

Bask in the colorful beauty of Bahía, Brazil

Cross the equator by sea

Devour some steak at a parrilla in Argentina

Sail the British Virgin Islands

Trip on the medieval cobblestone streets of Estonia

Wine taste in the Napa Valley

Eat the best greek food of all time in Greece

Watch the wild horses in the Outer Banks of NC

Ride bikes on the beaches of Kiawah Island, SC

Dive into the sparkling blue waters of Fiji

Have high tea in London

Surf the coast of Southern California

Dine underwater at Ithaa in the Maldives

Sunset party at Single Fin in Uluwatu, Bali

Dog sled in Sweden

Eat beignets & listen to jazz in New Orleans

Explore the city of Seville

Stay in the English countryside with locals

Climb the fortress of Kotor, Montenegro

Visit evey continent on earth: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

scuba dive the great wall of china

camel trek through the sahara desert

kayak the amazon

Kayak the Na Pali coast

swim with sharks in cape town south africa

visit the tanneries in istanbul

visit jerusalem

attend the XGAMES

visit every formula one race track

See jimmy SNL in New York

Visit Yellow Stone National Park

experience the  grand canyon

Stand on top of the Effil Tower

Go to the top of the Arc De Triumph

Vacation to the Bermuda Triangle

go to antarctica

visit every state in the USA

climb mt. kilimanjaro

belly dance in bali

see the “mona lisa” at the louve

sky dive in new zealand

pet a kangaroo

surf the gold coast in australia

visit the sydney opera house

visit the holocaust ruins

See the Colosseum

visit the parthenon in greece

gamble in las vegas

get my pilots license

go to mardi gras in new orleans

vacation at the four seasons in the maldives

boat down the nile river

Walk to the top of the Empire State Building

take a helicopter tour around the statue of liberty

visit ground zero

live in monaco

swim in every ocean