Weekend Trip To Miami

Miami Florida is the ideal hub for beach days, shopping, and hours of people watching, but with only the few sweet hours a weekend brings prioritizing what to do and what to see can be a challenge. I spent a total of 50 hours in Miami doing as much as I could and this is the perfect itinerary.

——————————————–DAY ONE———————————————

The salty donut, creme de le creme when it comes to artisan donuts. The shop is located in the Wynwood Art District and has the most amazing rustic chic feel with specialty donuts each month along with the classics. Honestly I have no idea what I got all I know is it rocked my world. The larger donut was filled with an apple cinnamon mix with the perfect amount of crunch. The adorable donut holes which were coated in graham crackers and filled with key lime filling. The whole experience was divine. Pro Tip: get there as early as you can to enjoy all the deliciousness, because the shop is closed once the first and only batch of donuts are sold out. 


After you’ve stuffed your face next stop is the Wynwood walls. Basically the coolest “street art” you’ve ever seen.

Unique outdoor destination featuring huge, colorful street murals by artists from around the globe.

With about 25 different murals the was are a quick visit but the pure artistry is worth the visit. The colors are so vibrant and each design is completely original. The Wynwood Walls are also home to “The most instagramable picture ever” with an astonishing wall that seems like an optical illusion of wonderful colors and lines, the insta likes are pretty much guaranteed.

Time to marvel at some history. After about a 15 minute drive from the walls with some killer city views you’ll arrive at Vizacaya Museum and Garden. And now is a perfect time to pretend like you are introducing MTV into your “crib”. The Renaissance-inspired estate designed in 1914 housing 70+ rooms with lavish items from the 15th century in more than half of the 70. With stunning marble floors and fun spiral staircases this mansion invites you to have a sleep over, too bad the sleep over ends at 6! As breath taking as the actual abode step outside to find 10 acres worth of lush gardens and greenery.


Of course it is never a bad idea to be early but trust me, you really want to be early for this one. Not only is it nice to explore the giant space without a crowd of tourist getting in your picture perfect selfie, but if you go right as the museum opens and make your way towards the harbor you will be just in time to see the morning fog over the Atlantic ocean making you feel like you are starring in Pirates of the Caribbean and about to set sail on a life long voyage. The misty atmosphere transforms into a sunny day that perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the tour around the gardens.

How to Beach: A guide for sun soakers.

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Find a spot in the sand and make it your own
  3. Go up the the ocean and let it tickle your toes
  4. The rest is up to you, sand castles may be built, sea shells may be collected, floating in the ocean may take place! And be sure to embrace the series of waves that break in your face causing salt to cover your taste buds. It doesn’t matter what you do! You are at the beach, you can’t go wrong.





Time to get ready for an awe inspiring sunset over the ocean. Now the first step in any and every game plan to watch a sunset is to remind yourself that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, keeping that it mind its important to be on the right side of the beach or you may find yourself disappointed. Now if cardinal direction are something you struggle with or you just want to play it safe I have got two words for you: Rooftop Bar. The Juvia is an excellent option, opening for dinner at six (make sure you look up when the sun is supposed to set!!) which gives you enough time to get situated and order a drink just in time to watch that stunning fire ball drop. The Juvia takes reservations and I would strongly recommend making them.





The Juvia has two options for seating, they have an open air dining area, as well as a space for people who only wish to enjoy appetizers, which was me due to the state of my checking account and the price of the delicious food. There is also indoor seating with a stunning bar and floor to celling windows. Not a bad view in the place.

——————————————–DAY TWO ———————————————

If you are  anything like me you are as much of a sunrise lover as you are a sunset lover. So waking up at 6 AM on vacation doesn’t bother you one bit! I set up camp close to the ocean and watched the sky greet me good morning.

After the gorgeous sunrise I suggest a trendy breakfast to satisfy the now roaring hunger. A perfect bohemian breakfast can be found at the Soho House (hotel) on Miami beach. Maintaining the superb balance between chic and farmhouse rustic the restaurant in the hotel invites you to spend the rest of your day wishing you could take the decor back home with you

Not at all afraid to admit it, I wish to be baptized in avocado toast. So you can only imagine my excitement when I quickly discovered my favorite snack on the menu. The toast was divine and I made sure to take my time savoring every bite. I would also recommend some iced coffee to really polish off your “I am a professional bruncher” look.

After your early breakfast I would suggest spending the last hours you have in Miami on the beach soaking up as many rays of the sun as you can. If you’re done with the high and low tides, a rather relaxed stroll down Lincoln avenue can be a treat. I went right before I left for the airport and enjoyed the people watching as well as window shopping. If you have enough time to stop and eat the streets are lined with restaurants that offer in/outdoor seating and great views of sporadic palm trees.

Miami is always a treat with many things to do. Which ever direction you chose to take your weekend getaway just be sure to make it your own! And if you didn’t hit everything on your list, don’t worry! There is always next time!

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